About Us

About Us

Formally the The Association of South Slavic Peoples, we are more commonly called the South Slavic Club. The purpose of our club is to maintain and enjoy the cultures of the area historically associated with the South Slavs. This is mostly the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) and now includes Bulgaria. We are strictly a social, non-political and non-profit organization.

Many of our over 100 members have personal or family ties to the region, but a significant part of our membership does not. Our membership is open to everyone with an interest in this part of the world. Our membership form has our current dues and contact information.

We sponsor a series of dinners and dances featuring bands from around the midwest who play music from the region, and the public is invited. We also sponsor several ethnic dance and music groups. Zivio is our adult group which performs at World A’Fair and other venues during the year. Junior Zivio is the kids’ group, for boys and girls starting at age 5.

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