Double Treat

Saturday, October 5, 2019 is a busy day for the South Slavic Club. The flyer below has most of what you need to know to attend either or both of these events. Below the flyer are links and additional information about them.

Nikola Krcadinac

Here’s some links about Nikola along with his biography. He is now based in the Chicago area. Obviously he’s a very talented artist and teacher.

Nikola Krcadinac, was born in Pancevo, Serbia in 1958.  His background in Serbian Folklore dancing began in 1972 when he started dancing for the local Pancevo ensemble, KUD-a (Cultural-Artistic Society), Stanko Paunovic – Zeleznicar.

In 1973 Nikola joined ensemble KUD Abrasevic Pancevo under the direction of the famous choreographer, Dobrivoje Putnik.  In 1984, Nikola relocated to Novi Sad and joined the AKUD Sonja Markinovic Academic Ensemble and in 1991 he relocated to Chicago.

Nikola’s success and knowledge has enabled him to share his love and understanding of Serbian Folk Dances and Customs.  His extensive dance career has enabled him to teach and hold workshops at various Serbian churches in and around the Chicago area, the Annual Kolo Festival in San Francisco, Mendocino Balkan Camp, past Tamburitza Extravaganzas and in the Chicago Lyric Opera production of “Kumovi.”

Nikola currently teaches three dance groups named “SOKO” for children ranging in ages from 4 to 18, as well as an adult group named “SLOBODA”.


Sviraj, based in Steelton, PA, consists of 4 very talented musicians: Lenny Tepsich, Danilo Yanich, Mike “Misko” Furjanic and Chris Radanovic. From a Youtube recording:

Sviraj, tamburitza is the great multi-ethnic instrumental and vocal music tradition of the central Balkan peninsula that found its deepest roots among Croatians, Serbians, Roma (Gypsies), and Hungarians and it reflects the deep soul, emotion and melancholy of these peoples. The group also plays music from other southern European countries including Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Let Sviraj take you to another world!