Purchase Tickets/MEMBERSHIP

We (like everyone else in the U.S., it seems) have a Paypal account and you can use Paypal or a credit card to purchase tickets for our various events as well as annual memberships.  We normally have just two ticket prices (one for kids and another for adults, with younger children free) and sometimes “dance only” tickets.  Any questions or comments please contact us.


The first “Add to Cart” button is for the Christmas party.  Pick what type of tickets you want to purchase from the dropdown window and you can change the quantity once you are looking at your cart.  If you need both kids and adult tickets first pick one, then continue shopping and come back to pick the other. You can also click on the Christmas Party/Membership paper form to download it and print it off and snail mail it in.  The deadline listed there is changed from November 30 to December 3.  The second button below is for your membership.


Christmas Tickets
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