Membership in the South Slavic Club is open to anyone with an interest in this part of the world.  We are family-oriented and strive to keep our membership fees as low as possible.  By becoming a member you will be kept informed of any new activities and you’ll be able to participate in the running of the Club.

There are at least three ways to join us.

(1) Use the Paypal button below, after choosing what type of membership you want.

Annual Memberships
Name / contact info:

(2) Fill out our Membership Form and send it along with a check to Peggy’s address on the form.

(3) Contact her (or really, any officer) directly to discuss it.

And don’t worry about spam or us selling your email to anyone.  We simply don’t do that stuff.  We do use email and robocalls for notices maybe 3 times a year, generally to announce our events.