The South Slavic Club, legally known as the Association of South Slavic Peoples, is chartered by the State of Ohio as a non-profit corporation, charter # 536374.  It is governed by 7 officers and a total of from 6 to 12 members of the Advisory Board, who serve terms of 3 years.  The officers and expiring-term advisors are elected at the annual membership meeting held late in the year.

Officers – 2023

President: Irena Karlovic Joseph
First V.P.: Joanne Dombrowski (Cultural)
Second V.P.: Peggy Jurecic Jasina (Membership)
Third V.P.: Kris Lowe (Program)
Fourth V.P.: Hari Polenakovik (Inter-Cultural/DIFI Representative)
Treasurer: Wayne Gulden
Secretary: Barbara Rac

Advisory Board – 2023

Terms Expiring 12/31/2025
Helen Tonini, emeritus
Steve Bujenovic
Kate Chesar

Terms Expiring 12/31/2023
Molly Campbell, emeritus
Heidi Campbell
Joe Sakar

Terms Expiring 12/31/2024
Radka Kroteva
John Pappas
Susie Lowe

Our Current Constitution, updated November 2016

Our Original Constitution, from 1978

Ohio Charters

Original Filing, 1976

Latest Continuing Existence, 2021

Trade Name, 2021

Federal W-9

Ohio Sales Tax Exemption, Signed