The main type of party the South Slavic Club puts on is called a “Kolo”.  Kolo dance means circle dance in Serbo-Croatian, traditionally done with the musicians playing in the center.  Given modern electronics musicians generally no longer play in the center, and not all of the dances we perform are circles – still the name “Kolo” persists.


The SSC generally puts on three Kolos per year: Spring, Fall and Christmas.  They always feature a selection of ethnic foods and a selection of your favorite beverages.  After the food at 7:00 the dancing starts at 8:00, often going until the band goes home at midnight.  At the start of the evening there is usually a teaching session.  Children are welcome.


At the Spring Kolo both Zivio and Junior Zivio give dress rehearsals in preparation for the real thing at the A World A’Fair.  Above is the kid’s dress performance.